Financial Independence One Year On.

It’s been one year since I was let go of my job as a software developer. A lot has changed over the last year and I thought I would share some of my experience and thoughts.

To me financial independence meant that I had to accumulate enough money and invested assets that I could draw on them an amount up to 4% of the total each year with an additional margin and have that cover all of my living expenses.

It took me about ten years to achieve this when it was the primary focus meaning all other financial decisions come second to investing only for independence. And most of the gains happened in the last year thanks to gains in Bitcoin.

After not working a job it took more than six months for my stress level from work to wind down. It’s hard to describe how stress manifested for me, it was like a pressure on my chest.

Over the year a big perspective change comes about from a change in habits. Most days I stay up late working on my car company because I love it. Each day it free to socialize or walk my dogs. I inherently feel like I can afford anything I want and need. My dog needed surgery that cost $10,000.00 and the only reaction was of gratitude that my dogs need was effortlessly met. Social gatherings are pure enjoyment regardless of the cost. I feel like everything is free for me, strata fees, bills, groceries, wine for gifts when I go to other peoples houses etc.

Passion for projects and people has become the primary topic of my awareness which is motivating and incredibly satisfying.

The primary source of suffering has gone from the need for dedicating 8-12 hours a day to the job to more fundamental and evolving issues around personal growth. I think the core issue is that at a job you can only work on a few issues at a time because the time is dedicated to production where as personal freedom allows us to address specific issues head on and move on when we are done.

One question I had while working as an employee was about the nature of happiness and reward. I have always wanted freedom over my time to do and think about the things I want and not what I have to in order to pay the bills. I wondered that when I didn’t have to work would the satisfaction of achievement of that goal diminish over time. Well it hasn’t. Personal freedom for me has been a new horizon. It is a paradigm shift and my consciousness feels more alive in a way I could only envision for brief moments in the past.

My current plan is to build my car company, so that the very few people who really want a supercar can have one. The price is high but not necessarily money. Additionally I have a few other business project lined up but the large focus for me is in building a more connected social network and meet new people to learn and enjoy fun and service based explorations.


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